• Submissive Services

    I do not take submissive bookings with new clients. I am not a pro sub; I am not prepared to have someone crossing my boundaries in such a manner, and need to ensure I can trust anyone who is after submissive bookings. You must have had a prior booking with me of an hour or longer, and I reserve the right to refuse submissive services if I don't believe that booking has proven you are someone to be trusted.


    I do not offer submissive services for group bookings at any time. If there is more than one client, you may not ask for this service.

    Services I will not allow

    Excessive pulling and knotting of my hair

    Blows to the face or head

    Any kind of biting

    ATM (ass to mouth), and anal gaping

    Bareback penetrative services of any kind, including BBBJ

    Anal sex to vaginal sex without changing the condom

    Medical fetish play, including needle and piercing play

    Roman showers (giving or receiving) and vomit play

    Brown showers (receiving) and scat play

    Excessive restraint and any rope restraint without knowledge of prior training

    Excessive caning, whipping or paddling (discussions can be had about what is excessive, and there may be negotiation involved as bruising will affect my future work)


    Blood play

    Anything involving knives or fire

    Urethral sounding (receiving)

    Public sex (exception made for group bookings and swinger parties)


    Ongoing D/s arrangements

    Throat fucking

    Services I will allow

    (dependent on state legislature)


    Light breath play

    Consensual non-consent

    Restraint (to an extent)

    Shibari and suspension (if you are a decent practitioner - I am an intermediately experienced rope bunny)

    Anal sex and enema play

    Golden showers and watersports

    Sensory play and sensory deprivation

    Cross dressing

    Verbal humiliation (limits discussed beforehand)

    Physical humiliation (limits discussed beforehand)

    Daddy dom/little girl play

    Protected full service and CBJ

    Doubles involving a Domme or second submissive


    Orgasm denial and edging

    Why offer it at all?

    I have a lot of clients who book with me because they would really like to experience something new with someone who can accurately express their boundaries and limitations, and someone who is happy to coach them through it. They are mainly vanilla, but sometimes they want to try something spicy with someone they already trust. That is the reason I have decided to offer this service, and why it has so many caveats.

    If this seems like too much in the way of boundaries, then I suggest you see a professional submissive - I can recommend a couple! Please be aware that as real humans with feelings, they will also have some boundaries, just less strict than mine. Please treat them with respect.

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