• Screening Policy

    Each client who would like to engage my services must pass a screening requirement; this is to protect me from harm. I will always require your full name and mobile phone number, but other items are conditional depending on the booking.

    1. If you are booking me for a hotel outcall, I will require proof of your staying in that hotel, with your name visible. I may also ask for ID.
    2. If you are booking me for a residence outcall, I will require proof of residence at the address, as well as ID.
    3. If you are booking me for an incall (usually available on tour), I will require your full name, and proof of that name, such as ID.

    If you have further concerns about why I need these things, please see my blog post on this issue.

    What do you do with that information?

    Absolutely nothing. I write it on a whiteboard at my house before I go out, so that if I cannot be located, there is a last known location recorded. It sounds morbid, but your private information is not shared unless I go missing. Of course, it will be shared with authorities if I am abused, raped, or possessions are stolen from me or forcefully damaged. For situations that might result in this that you want to avoid, please check my terms and conditions.

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