• Seductress by Appointment

    Sensual. Seductive. Smart.

    The ultimate in forbidden fruit, take a naughty stroll with me into the bedroom - and partake in the original sin… Whether it's a cheeky one hour romp in the bedroom, or a lengthier encounter over dinner with a glass of wine, some engaging conversation and a saucy dessert; I am a sensual, seductive, and smart companion for all occasions. A leggy, porcelain skinned beauty with extensive university education who is well travelled and worldly, I am the ultimate combination of beauty, brains, and raw sexuality.


    In my precious spare time, I enjoy the company of my gorgeous partner in crime, a large black shepherd, burying my head in a good book at one of many local cafés, working on my svelte physique by powerlifting at a small independent gym, or escaping into the fun world of RPG video games. That is, when I'm not studying for my third degree.


    With the precious free time I have, I truly treasure and relish everything that escorting brings to my life. The spectrum of experiences to be had - being able to taste the many flavours of the rainbow. I value communication, intimacy, passion and fun, which you will see if you are lucky enough to spend time with me. Our date will be filled with all that plus a cheeky sense of humour and quick wit to boot.


    So what are you waiting for? Take my hand, let's stroll into that garden and let the cheeky adventures begin...

    Whether you're new or experienced, I will do my best to ensure an unforgettable experience for you. Have fun looking around my website; I'd love to book with you!




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  • It's All in the Details

    You want to know more?

    Quick Stats

    Age: 27

    Height: 168cm / 5'6"

    Dress size: 8-10

    Weight: 58kg

    Breast size: natural C cup

    Eyes: blue

    Hair: strawberry ash blonde

    Ethnicity: I have Scandinavian and Celtic heritage, born and raised in Australia.

    Body modification: I have one very small, tasteful tattoo on my rib cage, and my only piercings are my ears (one on each) and nipples. At this stage I have no plans for further modification.


    Something missing from here? Not in the FAQ? Or you have a more specific question to ask? You can ask me anything you like through the form on this page!

    A few of my favourite things

    I have a Wishlistr that has links to all the cool things I'm interested in, including charities you can donate to in lieu of a physical gift. They're all tagged as "experience", "item", "charity", "voucher" etc, so you can sort by category if you so choose.



    Floral gins: Bombay Sapphire, Botanic Australis, Bloom London Dry Gin, Geranium, Hendricks, Rock Rose, anything from the Canberra Distillery.

    Sparkling: Verve Cliquot, Mumm, Grant Burge - lots of sparkling reds also.

    Whites and Rosés: Rieslings, and the Cabernet Franc Rosé from Surveryor Hill.

    Reds: Shiraz, Shiraz Merlot, Shiraz Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo. Most local Canberra reds - the Clonakilla O'Riada is a favourite, as is the Brindabella Hills 2013 and 2015 Shiraz, The Surveyor Hill Tinto, and the Pankhurst Tempranillo. Penfolds, most McLaren Vale, and some more rounded Barossa reds.

    Fortifieds: Rutherglen - but pretty much fortifieds from anywhere, I love them. Tokay, Muscat.

    Whisky: Japanese, and non-peaty Scottish and Irish.



    Lilies, roses, peonies, sunflowers.



    Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, anything hazelnut or mint chocolate is my weakness; dried strawberries, interesting cordials, homemade delights.

    Asian fusion, a good ravioli or risotto, or a home-style spaghetti bolognaise.



    Muse, Ballpark Music, Alter Bridge, Electric Wizard, Kim Churchill, most classical jazz.



    I'm a huge SciFi and Fantasy fan! Iain M. Banks, Raymond Feist, Lois McMaster Bujold, Tolkien... recommend me your favourite and I'll read it! I like most other genres too, so please go ahead and tell me your favourites! Please, please, recommend or purchase your favourite books for me! I love reading and adore it when clients share their passions with me, especially in the form of literature!

    I also have an Amazon Kindle, so Amazon gift vouchers for books you love are always welcome.



    Dog treats for my pup.

    Video games! RPG, for those of you who aren't gamers, stands for "Role Playing Game". For video games, this is generally those games with a story that fully immerses you in the world they've created. So I'm much more into games like the Witcher and Assassin's Creed than Counter Strike or Call of Duty. I do enjoy strategy games like Stellaris, or turn based games as well. I also enjoy a good tabletop game - Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Onitama, Ticket to Ride, just to name a few.
    Currently playing the new God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Waiting impatiently for the new Red Dead Redemption!


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