• Long Distance Relationships

    The pandemic certainly has put a halt to so many plans, and it's made a lot of us very starved of love and contact. I held off on virtual experiences for so long, but I can't any longer - I miss my clients! Please engage me for any of the options below, it would be a joy to hear from you!

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    Video Girlfriend

    Zoom meetings

    A friendly face and a warm voice to greet you after a long day; I'm so glad to see you! Face in for new clients, and a whole face for trusted regulars; these chats will be clothed and kept at least PG (okay, maybe M15, you know my sense of humour!)


    Enough for tea (30 min) || $100

    Tea and a snack (1 hour) || $200

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    Personal Images

    Custom pictures

    Pictures for those who fancy me in skimpy clothing or compromising positions! Stills only, as I don't do video, and special requests for Polaroids by snail mail + handwritten letters for the romantically inclined...


    Per image || $10

    Five images || $20

    Per completely nude || $15

    Five completely nude || $35

    Polaroid + handwritten snail mail || $40

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    Clandestine Texting

    Texting packages

    Some messages to brighten your day! Maybe I'll just be checking in on you, or maybe you want something a little naughty, but either way, I'll be your little digital secret! The can be combined with some personal images too.


    -- Live out a naughty fantasy --

    15 min || $20

    30 min || $30

    Additional 15 min || $15


    -- Just chat PG --

    15 min || $15

    30 min || $20

    Additional 15 min || $10