• Frequently Asked Questions


    Here is my contact page, you can use any of the methods provided to get in touch. I preference SMS over anything else, however.



    I have three rates pages divided by location; if anything isn't listed on there that you are interested in receiving a quote for, please let me know. Local | Domestic Travel | International Travel

    International Touring Escort


    I am happy to see clients of all gender presentations and identities. In fact, I have specific rates for women and transgender clients on my rates page. Local | Domestic Travel | International Travel


    I pride myself on my authenticity. My photos are both current and not overly retouched, and I have remained roughly the same weight for a long time. If you have doubts as to this, I maintain an active Twitter feed with current images, as well as having my advertising profiles verified as real. I don't send images of my face at any point; please see this blog post for an explanation.



    You can fill out an expression of interest for me travelling to your city, you can see my currently scheduled travel, or you can contact me to arrange a Fly Me To You date.


    Please be patient with me as I will not respond immediately to all messages. It is faster to get hold of me via text than email, but please note that if you have not been polite and detailed in your message that I may not respond at all.


    All clients must submit to screening per my terms and conditions; if you would like to learn more about why I ask for the things I do, please read this blog post.


    These are 100% not required! If you would like to get me a gift of some description, I have a wishlist. Otherwise, a tip is always more than welcome.
    In the ACT, I am permitted to share my services with you. However, as an escort who travels, it is necessary to make sure my website is legally compliant in every state so as to avoid prosecution; two states prohibit me advertising my services online. In addition, when you ask for a list of services, it is quite impersonal and clinical to give you what amounts to a shopping list, and that is not the kind of connection I am aiming to provide. I provide all the services that you would generally expect! If what you are after carries more risk or will require preparation, it will likely be priced appropriately. If there's something that you have in mind or that you simply wouldn't book without, please get in touch!
    Officially, my rates are for my time and companionship only. Anything else which happens during that paid time are the actions of two consenting adults.


    I do not offer discounted rates, and this blog post explains the reasoning. Check my advertising to see if I am offering any holiday specials, and I will keep my rates pages updated.



    I do generally require deposits for dates; this is for peace of mind that our date will go forward. For more information on deposits and why they are requested, please read this blog post; for my policies on deposits, see my terms and conditions. My preferred method for accepting deposits is via Beemit, an app endorsed by several of our major banks; you can sign up here.



    At this time, I am accepting cash only from new clients, aside from the deposit. Regular clients may privately arrange direct bank transfers. My Beemit handle is @siennacharles.



    I love purely social dates, please see my rates page for details. Local | Domestic Travel | International Travel



    I don't mind reviews that state whether your experience was positive or negative, with minimal detail, but I despise page long erotic fantasies. As such, I ask that all reviews go through me before being published online, if at all possible.



    I have an incall available in Canberra. When travelling, depending on local laws, I will have a nicely appointed incall in a central location.



    My hours are generally 8/9am until 11pm, 7 days, but other times can be arranged with enough notice. Please avoid contacting me outside of these hours.



    I see clients at all levels of ability and disability. Please just let me know beforehand so that I can prepare adequately for our appointment. If it is beyond my skills, I will let you know.

    Peer Questions


    You can find out who has taken my photographs by checking out my gallery pages in the menu above, they are all listed on each album.



    If someone has stolen your advertisement, please read this blog post to see how to remedy this issue.




    Drop me a line on the contact page or my Twitter DM and we'll meet for drinks. Include links to your advertising as well (so I know you're not a sneaky client trying to meet for free).



    If you would like advice on starting out in the industry, I wrote a blog post that should help you to understand that what you're asking for is a lot more work than you think it is for someone else to get you set up as an independent escort. I've also written a brief start up guide for Australian escorts.

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