• Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm an open book...

    How do I contact you?

    You can reach me through my contact page, and fill out the webform, or email or text me with the following details, to ensure a prompt and happy reply:

    • Your full name;
    • Your location;
    • Your phone number;
    • Your preferred date, time, and booking duration;
    • Any specific requests or services you are interested in.
    Don't contact me after 10pm, don't call from a private number. Avoid business hours phone calls, I have a day job!

    Why do you want my full name?

    This is too long to explain in an FAQ post, so instead, read this blog post. The long and short of it is that I'm trying very hard not to end up as a statistic in a world that treats sex workers like they don't matter. Yes, I still require your name even if you are embassy staff or a public figure, but you may enquire about an NDA, I will offer it to those who have need.

    How do I know you're real?

    If this entire website isn't enough to convince you, I don't know what is! My professional photos are all dated on here, and most of them are taken by high profile and reputable escort photographers, I am verified on Scarlet Blue and Escorts and Babes as a genuine provider, my Twitter feed is very active and selfies are posted every so often, and I have reviews on several forums. Anyone who sees all this and still asks for images to "prove" I'm real is a time waster, and will be treated as such.

    When are you coming to my city?

    As soon as there are enough expressions of interest! Then I advertise a planned tour, to get some more, and then I take deposits. If those deposits don't come through, I can't afford to fly to you!

    You can also fly me to you - if you want me in your city for the weekend, you can buy me a ticket to come to you! Send me a message for further details if you'd like to do this.

    Why haven't you responded to my message?

    If you have messaged or called me at an ungodly hour, I will not respond in a timely fashion - or, perhaps, at all. I have a day job, which should be considered when calling or messaging me, as I may not answer or respond during business hours.

    I also do not respond favourably to messages that have been designed to waste my time, or are rude, or contain merely "hi". If you look through my website, all the information you could possibly need is right at your fingertips! I'm more likely to respond if you include all the relevant information I need for a booking!

    This is my first time, I'm nervous.

    First of all, relax! If anyone is going to be accepting of you just the way you are, it's a sex worker. We have seen everything! Read through these FAQs, you'll be alright.

    Here is an etiquette guide, so you know how things generally go in a booking, and what steps to take before and afterwards. One question I'm asked a lot is, "Do you see virgins?" Of course I do! Just make sure you tell me, and I'll be extra gentle!

    Do you offer discounts?

    No. From time to time, I may have special prices or offers for holidays; sometimes I might even advertise a less expensive service option. I appreciate your interest in me, I really do! But I stick by my rates, as they are what I believe to be fair compensation for my time and services. Please don't attempt to haggle them.

    If you book a longer session, the hourly rate is reduced. Please see this page for further details.

    Can I book you for XYZ service that isn't advertised?

    I am always up for discussion as to my services, but please be aware that any requests you might have may come under "fetish", and as such, attract an extra charge. I don't mind polite enquiries asking if I offer certain services, but please don't try to spring it on me mid booking! I'll be unprepared and probably not happy about it!

    I don't like listing all the acronyms for different types of play, as I find it tacky. If you are unsure what is "included", please just tell me what you'd like out of a booking, and I will tell you if I can accommodate.

    It must be noted: I do not provide pro sub services or natural/unprotected services under any circumstances, and I am not a Pro Domme, so book accordingly.

    Also please do not ask for natural services. That is: unprotected blowjobs or unprotected sex. I don't know how many times I have to write this on my site, because people keep asking. No, I don't do it. Stick to your hand or Tinder.

    Do you require a deposit?

    Conditionally. For shorter bookings, I generally don't take them. For longer bookings, because I would be really financially put out if you were to not show up or cancel last minute, I do. My deposit policy can be found here.

    For any concerns you may have about deposits, I have written a post here to hopefully assuage your fears. TL;DR: It's far more likely that you, the unknown factor in this relationship, are not going to turn up. I have an image and reputation to maintain, and thus have more to lose if I don't attend.

    Do you do social bookings?

    Yes! If you need a date to an event, whether it be a wedding or a corporate function, I will fit right in. I'm just the kind of girl you want to introduce to your parents - I look wholesome and healthy, I am quite educated and articulate, and I put people at ease when I talk with them. My day job in a corporate office allows me to seamlessly blend in at any business function, and my wardrobe is full of formal dresses for any occasion.

    Please enquire for rates! My standard dinner date rates can be found here, for comparison.

    How do I compensate you?

    At this point, I am only accepting cash for my bookings, but the deposits are electronic where required. To avoid awkwardness or ugly exchanges, please place the cash in an envelope and put it in an obvious place in the room; give me some space to count your donation before I put it away!

    Please note that I will not accept any sort of barter arrangement, as items for trade do not pay my rent; money does. See this Twitter thread for a nice little breakdown of why it's rude to suggest such, though this one is specific to male photographers. Future blog post ahoy!

    Interesting note: some clients ask me what they can get me as gifts - you really don't have to do this, but if you simply must, I have a Wishlistr and this page gives you some detail.

    Can I leave you a review?

    I am generally opposed to the review culture as it exists right now. I don't mind reviews that state whether your experience was positive or negative, with minimal detail, but I despise page long erotic fantasies. As such, I ask that all reviews go through me before being published online. I have got a blog post detailing why I hate review culture so damn much, which can be found here - warning: it is really very long. Please leave your review through this form!

  • Peer Questions

    Where do you advertise?

    There are a few websites that I'm legitimately advertised on. I will try to keep the listings updated, but do bring to my attention any that seem inaccurate!

    The websites I regularly advertise on include:

    Crockor | July 4 Ad

    Scarlet Blue

    Escorts and Babes

    Private Escort Finder





    If you see my advertisement on any other websites, do let me know, because they have probably stolen my images and details! If you've seen your advertisement pinched, I have written a blog on how to get it removed.

    Who does your pictures?

    So far, I have shot with Alexandra Wetzel of True Beauty Photo Design, Evelyn Hunt, and Daniel Klaas. All the images are of me, with minimal editing for blemishes and to blur my face.


    Future shoots lined up with:

    Patti Rose

    Mr. H

    Gary Santos in association with Sin By Design


    Selfies obviously curated by me, taken with a Samsung S9 and I've used VSCo to edit!

    Can we hang out when we're in the same city?

    That's great! Drop me a line on the contact page and we'll meet for drinks. Include links to your advertising as well (so I know you're not a sneaky client trying to meet for free)! If you're touring here in Canberra, feel free to hit me up and I'll spend some time with you for sure! You can meet my idiot dog and I'll show you the sights.

    Can you help me get into the industry?

    That's not a straight yes or no. I wrote a blog post on it here that should help you to understand that what you're asking for is a lot more work than you think it is! I've also written a brief start up guide for escorting in Australia here. My friend Laila also offers mentoring packages - expect to pay for genuine expertise, ladies and gents. That link just goes to her website - contact her for quotes.

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