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    How would you like to experience me?

    My rates and services change when I'm on tour, so please read carefully when selecting your preferred services. Note that I do not provide natural services - this means that I will not forego use of a condom with any of my clients, for any service. When touring, I'm mainly incall, infrequently outcall, and outcalls may attract extra charges. Deposits may be required! See my deposit policy here.


    -- Do you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement? --

    I am happy to offer these to public figures, foreign diplomatic corps members, and those who can prove their need for one. You will still be required to go through my regular screening process, however, and note that NDAs will not protect you from the legal consequences of causing me harm.

    Rates and Services

    Standard rates - your city may be different! Check above to see if it's listed. These are for Melbourne!

    Coffee Date

    Get to know me over coffee!

    Are you unsure if you want to book with me? Don't know if we'll get along? Curious about my face? Book me for a coffee date and find out! No obligation to make further bookings, just a chill outing to one of my favourite places around the city. Be aware though, this is only for a first time meet - you can't just make constant coffee date bookings with me forever. Please note that I have a day job, so timings may be narrow!

    30 minutes: $50 + the tab

    Girlfriend Experience1

    This is my forte and standard service!

    I am the girl next door you always wished would fall for you; attentive, sincere, and charming. Let me captivate you for an hour or three!

    Add $100 to any incall booking so I can pay for a space!

    30 minutes: $350

    1 hour: $600

    2 hours: $1,200

    Additional hours: $400

    Dinner Dates

    Two hours to eat, another two to play.

    Two hours at your favourite restaurant - or mine, if you'd like a recommendation - of charming conversation, excellent food, and rich wine. Then we'll sneak back to the room for a passionate romp between the sheets, and a night to remember...

    1.5 hours + 1.5 hours: $1,300

    2 hours + 2 hours: $1,800

    2 hours + 3 hours: $2,100

    Long Dates

    Overnights to weekends.

    Would you like to wake up next to me? Your arms around my waist, the smell of my hair on your pillow, my soft breathing filling your ears. A whole night of passion behind us, and some inside jokes over breakfast. You can book me for the night or the weekend - and anything in between, just ask!

    Overnight: $3,500

    Further times: enquire!

    I am also available for Fly Me To You bookings!


    FFF, FFM or MMFF? Bring me home as a gift!

    One of my favourite things to to experience two people who are in love and exploring their sexuality together. I am genuinely bisexual, and love the feel of a woman's body on my own. Please discuss your rules and boundaries first before seeing me!

    1 hour: $700

    2 hours: $1,400


    Maybe you'd be interested in something a little less complex in terms of logistics? How about a classic couple swap? I have a very attractive and capable male counterpart who is more than happy to help me - and you - out with a MMFF session!

    1 hour: $800

    2 hours: $1,600

    Lesbian Girlfriend Experience

    Sapphic imagery for sapphic play...

    I absolutely see women, and I love every moment of it, as a truly bisexual woman myself. Whether you want to experiment and have your first experience with a woman in a safe environment, fulfil a long time fantasy, or you want to just have a little fun with the girl next door, I can accommodate. Enquire for other lengths of time, but dinner dates are two hours of culinary indulgence and 2 hours of warm bodies pressed together.

    1 hour: $400

    1.5 hours: $600

    2 hours: $800

    Additional hours: $350

    Dinner date: $1,200

    Overnight: $3,000

    Bisexual Doubles

    I really love women, enjoy one with me...

    I provide bisexual doubles with one of my beautiful girlfriends. You can either approach me with a request for another escort, or choose from my friends! One hour minimum!

    1 hour: $600 + her rate - a small discount

    With Alice Grey, 1 hour: $1000


    The image above is actually Alex Paige and me at a doubles booking!

    Fetish and Extras2

    Does something naughtier appeal?

    I only do select fetish activities, so please enquire for specific services - I am a GFE provider, and as such, fetish is not my forte. Fetish requests are at my discretion, but I offer a few standard services. I cannot list them here due to state legislation.


    Please note that I will not provide many pro sub services, as I am mainly GFE and not comfortable with clients restraining me dangerously or bruising me. I have a list available of what I am comfortable with, but please contact me so that I can let you know.

    Voyeurism and MMF3

    Watch us or join in...

    Guess what? I have found a man who is more than willing to come to bookings with me to participate! Whether you'd like to watch him pleasure me (and, having had many turns on this ride, I can assure you he is amazing at pleasuring women), or you're a man or woman who would like to join in, you will have an intense and enjoyable booking!

    1 hour voyeurism: $300

    1 hour FFM (you are the F): $600

    1 hour MMF (you are the M): $800 (DP +$100)


    If you're a man who wants to have an MMF threesome with a male friend, I can accommodate that as well!

    1 hour MMF (you are two Ms): $900 (DP +$100)

    Social Bookings4

    Take me to your events, or just spend time with me outside of the bedroom!

    Do you have a nice dinner function at work that you need to bring a date to? A corporate drinks gathering? Do you want to impress a client with a pretty thing hanging off your arm? Perhaps you want to attend that whisky tasting or concert, but not alone. Maybe you just want to have lunch with me! I'm a wonderful social escort - knowledgeable, well travelled, polite, and well-presented.

    1 hour: $300

    2 hours: $600

    Additional hours: $200

    Extra Souvenirs

    Remember me with a keepsake

    Worn panties: +$50

    Depending on the panties - you're not getting my expensive ones without paying for their replacement! This also includes a photo of me in said panties.

    Five Polaroid pictures of our time: +$50

    This will not include my face, sorry. No negotiation on that front. Here's why.

    1. Please send me a message to ask for what GFE is inclusive of, as I cannot advertise that here due to Victorian legislation. If this annoys you, please try to advocate for decriminalisation in your local political sphere.

    2. Anal is for bookings of one hour or longer only, and will only go ahead under my instruction - if you rush it, you'll hurt me! Submissive services are only granted to those who have had a prior booking with me so I know that you know my boundaries and I trust that you won't push past them.

    3. MMF, MMFF, and voyeurism bookings are subject to availability of my male doubles partner, who is usually only available on weekends.

    4. Social bookings are only for hanging out in public places or private parties, with clothes on! Any costs incurred are also picked up by you. We can of course get frisky afterwards, but ask me for a quote!

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