• Deposit Policy

    For any booking, I may ask for a deposit from you to secure your booking.



    - Bank transfer;

    - Cardless cash;

    - Direct cash deposit into a Smart ATM or to the bank teller - it will be Commonwealth;

    - A gift card via Prezzee.


    I may ask you for a gift card from Prezzee instead of a deposit to my bank account - this is great for you, because it won't sit there on your bank statement as "transferred to Sienna Charles". I will specify which type of card I prefer!


    Cancellation fees are often difficult or dangerous to take, so a deposit covers that easily. See my policy on cancellation fees for more information.


    If I cannot make it to the booking, I will either refund your deposit, or transfer it to another appointment time, at your discretion. Cancellations from the client with less than 48 hours notice will not have the deposit refunded. Cancellations with more than 48 hours notice will have the deposit refunded or changed, depending on the nature of the cancellation. If costs have been incurred, the refund will be less that amount. There are only a few circumstances in which your deposit will be kept even if you give the required notice: they include incredible disrespect and time wasting such as unpaid dirty texting, ignoring refusals or polite redirection, and displaying dangerous behaviour. This is decided on a case by case basis, but is extremely rare.


    For any doubts about deposits, please see my post here explaining the purpose and breakdown of deposits in sex work.

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