• Cancellation Policy

    As not all bookings will require a deposit, I will need a nominal amount if a client cancels on me at the last minute. It is quite difficult to get last minute work, and as a result, I ask for that cancellation fee in order to cover costs and time wasted. I ask for $100 per hour of my time that was wasted generally, unless there are exceptional circumstances - which must be proven, as many people will unfortunately lie about a death in the family or a car accident in order to get out of paying for my time. I understand that perhaps you've gotten cold feet, and that's okay! But it isn't fair to ask me to take the hit for that.


    If you turn up to a booking with the incorrect amount of money, I will either turn you away at the door after taking the cancellation fee, or hold the cash and send you to an ATM to fetch the rest. This ensures you'll come back, but I may also charge an additional fee for wasting my time if this causes your booking to go over time - otherwise, the time wasted will simply be taken off your booking duration. If you turn up with no money and act like you're going to go to an ATM to get something out, then I'll hold another personal item as collateral. If you're intending to come back, this shouldn't affect you in any way.


    If you make me feel uncomfortable during the booking process, and waste a lot of my time, continuously texting me or engaging in unpaid dirty talk, I will likely cancel the booking myself. I reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time, and will return deposits based upon my deposit policy.


    Please keep in mind that collecting these cancellation fees can be quite difficult for me. See this blog post for more information on extra fees and charges.

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