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We Like You, But...

Client - Escort relations

· Dear Clients

Just a quick one today guys - understanding the dynamic of your relationship with an escort.

The vast majority of my clients are wonderful people; truly wonderful. I enjoy getting to know you - your gripes about work, your cute pets, your favourite foods, little stories about that time you went a little crazy and did something hilarious... That's the reason I do what I do. I wouldn't let you book more than once if I didn't really enjoy your company. It comes easily to most escorts to separate the very real care and affection they have for their favourite clients with the relationships they have in their everyday life, because we have two different personas - and we understand that it can be hard for people who don't do this every day. I am Sienna, but real life me, who we shall call Jane, is not the same person. I'm very genuine in my bookings, and you'd find Jane is not too different in real life, but please try to consider that I'm friendly to you because you're paying me. We would probably not know each other if you were not my client. Perhaps if we had met, we'd still be friends, but it's unlikely you're my type when it comes to romantic interest, and our relationship would be different to the one we have as service provider and client.

Consider how you interact with friends and peers as opposed to customers at work. With one, you can say what you really think, you can give your honest opinion and debate theirs; act like a moron and make them laugh, take pictures and embarrass them on birthdays. With the other... well you can't really, because you wouldn't want to risk their status as a client. You probably really like them as a person, but a lot more is at stake than your friendship if you put a foot wrong, so you're a lot more careful with what you say, and you can't really put your full self into it. In addition, you know that any romantic overtures would be inappropriate, and might offend them significantly. You also don't feel like you should text them about anything outside of business subjects, because that would be overstepping the bounds of the relationship.

That's how it is with escorts. We really do like you as people, but we honestly cannot spare the time to be your real life friends unless you are paying us for it. This is our business, and while our business is intimacy, and a lot of that hinges on maintaining the slight illusion that we are in an exclusive relationship, please remember that this is just an illusion. During the bookings, and in the lead up and cool down periods, yes, we do talk about subjects that would be considered overstepping in the average business relationship - but that's only because our profession is intimacy, which means it is hard to separate in your head. It's not a commentary on your personality, so please don't take this as an attack! I want to say again: we really do like you as people, you're great fun, and outside of this we may even be mates! But the fact is, you met Sienna, not Jane. You can't be someone I'll introduce to my family as my mate, you can't be someone I invite to dinner parties with my hypothetical partner. You can't be someone I message at all hours of the day "just to chat", you can't be someone I vent my frustrations to, because you met Sienna, and Sienna is someone you hired for her time.

There's definitely some serious brain chemistry involved with how you feel when you're with us! We know that it can be hard to realise that the feelings you have were created on purpose, because that is our job. If you fall in love with an escort, please know that we are not offended, it's an occupational hazard for us. It's something that you really have to consider during your interaction with us - if it's getting a wee bit personal for you, perhaps consider seeing someone else, or just taking a break for a while in general. We can compartmentalise this stuff a little more easily, since we have to do it every day, but we are definitely still affected. We know when to take a time out and evaluate so that our feelings aren't too confused! Human biology leans towards making real connections, and that's okay - just realise that we make those real connections with all of our clients, and it gets exhausting if they all need to be emotionally supported constantly through DM and SMS.

We already have to perform emotional labour for those we love, we don't have the energy to do it for you too when you're not hiring us specifically for our time. It's very difficult for us to like you if you continually overstep the boundaries of professionalism simply because what we give you is intimate services. Please, keep your interactions with your favourite sex workers professional. You can chat about your day and get strictly unprofessional when you meet with them, and I promise you they'll be genuinely really pleased to see you again.