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My Favourite Blogs and Podcasts

A running commentary on the blogs and podcasts I follow

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This is a list of my favourite reading and listening material! It will be updated as I remember and as new ones enchant me.

Escort Blogs

Alice Grey - Alice doesn't blog very often, but when she does, her posts are really insightful and informative. I love her writing style!

Billie Moore - an Adelaide escort with a really pragmatic view on life and a passion for humanising the industry. Billie tells a down to earth and honest narrative about her experiences as an escort. She does a lot of video blogs through her Snapchat that really help show people about the human side of the work we do.

Food Blogs

CBR Foodie - for obvious reasons, since I love my hometown, and I love eating in my hometown.

Healthy Chef - honestly just the recipes here. I'm not really much for "oh this will clear out all the toxins" chat. What toxins? Doesn't my liver do that for me? Anyway, Teresa makes some good food.

Not Quite Nigella - I am all about food that is easy but looks hella impressive, and Lorraine's stuff really hits this sweet spot for me. Plus, she's Aussie, so you won't be seeing any weird-ass American ingredients in there. Why does dough exist in a can over there?

Health For Happy - this blogger is only 18, but her recipes are super simple and nice. I hope this plug gets her some more clicks because she deserves it.

Thug Kitchen - for real, these guys hit the nail on the head. Not only is it funny to read out their aggressively worded recipes while you're cooking, they also make everything basically idiot proof. I find it extremely amusing that it's marketed towards men, because apparently everyone knows they're useless in the kitchen. But seriously, I have their cookbooks, and it's good stuff.

Miscellaneous Blogs

Copyblogger - A blog about writing, specifically for SEO and content marketing purposes. I'm using this to learn how to write better copy, because I'm utterly rubbish at writing things to sell myself.

Acorns Blog - I have a bunch of cash invested with Acorns, an app that basically monitors your card transactions, and rounds them up to the nearest dollar (or five, or ten dollars, your choice) and takes the extra to invest in stocks for you. The blog helps you to understand what's going on with the app and development, as well as helping to explain to you the world of finances and investment. If you are interested in signing up and want a bonus couple of dollars, here's my referral link - note that this is probably Australia only, this link!


Freakonomics - by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, authors of the book of the same name. Can recommend the book as well, it's a great read, as is the sequel Superfreakonomics.

No Such Thing As a Fish - a podcast by the researchers from the TV show QI, sharing the interesting facts they have learned each week.

True Crime

This gets its own subheading because there are so many that I like and have listened to piecemeal.

Serial - obviously; the one, the only, the original.

Criminal - short episodes, good for a commute.

Someone Knows Something - a Canadian series exploring the case of a missing boy from Ontario in 1972.

Unsolved - this one is about the murder of a 14-year-old boy.

Finding Tammy Jo - this girl was murdered in upstate NY and went unidentified for more than 30 years.

Missing - how and why people disappear in the 21st century. Also, helpfully narrated by a British person for once, so the accent is much easier to listen to.