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GFE Standard, Everything Else Extra

"GFE" doesn't have to mean "boring"

· Behind the Curtain,Dear Clients

So here's a bit of a less serious piece, just to balance out the tone of everything from the last few weeks! The girlfriend experience is the baseline service for many female sex workers, but it doesn't have to be a generic experience.

I know the history of it - that it used to be a service only very few offered, and it included BBBJ because "that's what a girlfriend does", then it expanded to the standard service it is today for many private escorts. It's so prolific that there is even a TV series about sex workers called The Girlfriend Experience. It used to be that most escorts didn't kiss their clients, didn't cuddle, didn't make lots of conversation, and didn't offer non-rushed sex or foreplay; the baseline service was more of a "quick relief" service. Apparently though, people are interested in companionship as well as sex, so many workers these days are selling an experience which is parallel to what most would think of as a date with the perfect girlfriend, and not just a quick service. This is often what makes it different from the average blow and go, but that certainly doesn't make it "classier", just more work - now emotional as well as physical.

That's not to say a GFE is boring or generic, or only basic bitches offer it - au contraire. I love what I offer to clients: a bespoke service, tailored to each person. This is often difficult, as sometimes they don't give you a lot of information in the booking process, but I try to make sure that every booking is unique to that client, and leaves them feeling like they had a genuine connection with me and a wonderful time. Some services I offer as extras - mostly the things that take me extra time and discomfort to prepare for or clean up after - but I like to think that my GFE includes all the basics that someone would need from a girlfriend by the hour. Every sex worker who offers a GFE (most female presenting workers), gives a different experience to every other worker, so never think you're getting something generic. One of my friends even cooks breakfast for her overnight dates if they're staying at her incall!

If you book a GFE with me, make sure you tell me what it is that you would love in a girlfriend, if you could pick your fantasy girlfriend. Have a think about it! What would you love in our date? Keep in mind your budget, and how much time you can dedicate to seeing me.

Should I cook for you?

Should we go out for a nice dinner and a movie?

Would you like lots of cuddling?

A shoulder rub?

Should I dress down a little bit, look more like I have just been lounging around the house?

Would you like to vent a little bit about work?

Maybe your perfect girlfriend loves anal sex and giving BJs for ages?

We're here to work with you - I know I get the most joy out of a booking when my client leaves truly happy with the experience I've given them, and happy that I've put my all into making it the best I can.