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Extra Fees May Apply

Cancellations, travel, and extra services - more money breakdowns

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In connection with my post on deposits, I've been asked to do one on cancellation fees as well, so I figured I'd tie in a bunch of other extra-fee-related things! To soften the content a bit, I've added this photo of butts (mine and Alex Paige's) to the post - you're welcome.

Cancellation Fees

These serve much the same purpose as deposits, but are usually taken in the absence of a deposit. You've taken up an escort's time, and they could have had another booking in that time who paid them the full amount. These are often more difficult to collect than deposits, mostly because many clients are happy to just ghost you rather than paying for the time they wasted; I'm sure other industries get the same, but have more legal recourse when it comes to recouping the money owed. Most of the time, cancellation fees are collected in person. If you turn up and you have less than the full fee, you don't pass the initial health check (for sores and visible signs of infection), or you turn up heavily intoxicated, your escort will probably attempt to collect a cancellation fee from you and terminate the booking. It's usually along the lines of $50-$100, not a whole lot, but can often come at the cost of never being able to see that worker again, because of your presumably poor behaviour. It can be unsafe to try to collect money at this point, because clients might get angry that they're expected to pay and they're not getting a service; much more threatening in person than texting a client to tell them they're not getting their deposit back.

There's also the possibility that a client has behaved so badly that the worker has terminated the booking after taking the whole fee. If a client pushes past boundaries too much, they harm property or the worker, or they attempt to take off the condom or falsely claim that it "broke", the worker has a choice: complete the booking so as not to make him angry, or kick him out right away and keep the whole fee, perhaps risking physical harm with either choice. Cancellation fees are not ideal, as you can see; this is why many prefer deposits.

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Even my hairdresser has a cancellation policy! Mine is here.


Each worker decides for themselves whether they charge a slightly higher rate for an all-inclusive service, or they charge a lower rate and have extras available to add on. It's actually a question that workers discuss amongst themselves a lot, because it's difficult to see which is going to be more worthwhile. Personally, I go for the latter, as you can see from my rates and services page.

We have many different reasons for charging extras, aside from the obvious "more money for me" - if you thought past that motivation, congratulations, you're probably more considerate than the average punter! Some workers, for example, will make their overnight bookings more expensive in order to get booked for them less frequently because they have commitments at home, like children. I charge anal play and golden showers as extras because they require extra preparation and discomfort on my part. I also do the same for most other fetish play, because it requires extra research on my part, and sometimes extra equipment. Also, my standard service is GFE; that means that more often than not, the client is explicitly asking for something that's not on offer. I'm happy to oblige if it doesn't go past my limits - for a fee. Many of my friends charge extras because of the additional risk to future bookings; anal tears are common, and pro-sub bookings can leave you too exhausted to take more clients, which impacts your income. Why should Xavier pay the same for his cuddles, dinner and chat service as John who wants a high energy PSE with all the associated intense services? There are obviously caveats to this: don't assume that you can offer ludicrous amounts and a worker will do anything for you, even if they don't want to; we are people with limits, not sex dolls that you don't have to have open communication with.

Many parlour workers have a set "standard service" that all the workers at that brothel perform; after that standard service, any other extras are at the discretion of the escort, and priced accordingly; they make the majority of their take home pay from extras and extensions. As one worker put it - "if restaurants charge freaking $4 more for some extra wilted spinach, I can charge extra for anything that isn't already on the price list".

On the other side of the fence, many decide to offer an "all inclusive" service, because they really dislike it when clients complain about having to pay extra for services they want (I 300% empathise); they pay the extra anyway, but it looks like they're just paying for one service. Some get around the idea of extras by offering two or more different experiences - one as a "standard" service, the other with all the things not normally included in a standard. It also prevents a lot of haggling, which is honestly the bane of an escort's existence.

As a client, understanding this price structuring can help you make informed choices about which workers you would like to see. If your tastes are vanilla, it might be more economical to go with the worker who has extras as add ons; if you like a lot of things that workers would normally charge as extras, it might be more economical to go for the worker who has an all inclusive service. That is, if you're not set on one particular worker!


Some workers are all about letting you take home things from your booking to remember them by! I have a Polaroid camera and I sometimes part with my undies as well (nice try, but you can't have the Agent Provocateur ones!). Understandably, this will sometimes have an extra charge. Some workers will reason that letting you have those things for free is good for business, and will just include it in the price of the booking. For others, they have done some maths and come to the conclusion that they might have to charge. For me, Polaroid film is ridiculously priced, so if you want photos, you have to pay for them. Digital photos will also usually cost with me, because I have to take the time to edit my face out, and not release any images to clients that could harm my brand if published online - I cannot trust that all clients will keep images to themselves, especially when punter forums encourage you to post them with reviews.

Videos cost a lot of time to edit into something you want to watch. When was the last time you watched a porno and saw all the awkward position changes and the weird beforehand and afterwards scenes of cleaning up? Again, we have to make sure that if released, there will be no damage to our business. Of course, some workers are not afraid of a little video being uploaded, and are happy to just give you the footage raw! As with most things in this industry, your mileage may vary.

Travel, and Outcall/Incall Fees

If you want a sex worker to come to you, that's going to eat at her profit margin. If she doesn't have a car, she either relies on public transport in the larger cities (which can take more than an hour, so that's time she's not spending making money), or Ubers/taxis (which can cost upwards of $100 if you're trying to get from Eastern to Western Sydney). Many workers have drivers for safety and ease of transport; they also need to make money, and charge a flat fee depending on the distance. So you may get a $50-$100 fee for travel costs depending on how far you are from their location - remember that they also need to get home, so they might spend $150 in taxis to get to you and back. If the worker has a car, it's still costing fuel. If you expect her to just swallow that cost for the pleasure of your company, you might need a reality check.

Many workers will instead just have a different price structure for their outcalls vs their incalls, which is a decent compromise. This allows you as a client to decide whether you'd like to save money by seeing her at her location, or if you'd like the convenience of the worker coming to you at your hotel or home.

Some workers, like myself, charge more for incalls, which seems counter-intuitive until you realise that I don't have an incall location, which I have discussed in previous posts. That means that I have to book us a hotel room, which is a cost I will take only if I'm getting a guaranteed two hour or more booking out of it. "Oh, but you get to enjoy the room for the rest of your stay too!" - yeah, I go home because I have a life outside of sex work that involves responsibly looking after my energetic dog, going to work the next morning after walking said dog, and cooking meals for the week; after we use that room, it's unlikely that I'll stay the night. So I'm not getting an incall for your convenience for a thirty minute booking and just eating that expense, that would not be a good business practice at all. Side note for clients: I am thinking of restructuring so I just charge extra for incalls instead of making them a two hour minimum. Watch this space.

In Conclusion

As with everything in the sex industry, it's different for every worker. It's helpful to be aware of any extra charges, and why they are being applied - so that you are not surprised when your provider turns up and tells you that you've shorted her $250 because you asked for an outcall an hour away, and you want to keep her panties after you have anal sex with her, but you didn't think to double check that these were extras. It's good to be aware of the cost of cancellations and of incall vs outcall! Most of you might have figured out our pricing models on your own, but it's good to break down the reasons why.