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Backpage is Dead, Need Help?

Alternatives for clients and workers

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I'll keep this updated as frequently as I can, but up top here is a list of Backpage alternatives collated by Mikki Mischief, who is an utter champion for all their hard work.

Sex workers from these areas, please DM me info on alternate directories for your country: Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Honk Kong, the EU, the UK, Ireland. I will try to help out as many areas as I can, but I only speak English and Swedish, so this will be Anglo-country focused, or places commonly toured by people from those countries.

Americans: while I'd love to get info out on safe places for you to advertise, I don't know if it's ethical to publish it, so please let me know - I don't want to put anyone in danger or alert authorities to things you'd rather keep under wraps, nor do I know what will go down next.

Down the bottom, I've explained what the hell is going on.

New Zealand and Canadian alts at the bottom!

American sites as well - keep an eye on these, they may go down.

In the light of backpage going down, here are some options for people who don’t know where to look. Those in bold, you can make a posting for free but there may be other paid options, those that are italicised are the easiest for clients to find with Google (when searching "escorts [city]").

🌈 If this icon is included, they are a trans-inclusive site.

⚔️ If this icon is included, they have a section for BDSM providers, or are accepting of them in general.

👐 If this icon is included, you can list on there as a strictly massage provider.

🍆 If this icon is included, they also have a section for male escorts.

🌈⚔️👐🍆Crockor - this is a brand new site, sex worker run. Obviously SEO isn't good yet, but build and support it and they will come. No loss for you when the ads are free! I'm throwing all my support behind it because:

a) Unlike many brand new directories popping up in the wake of BP's destruction, it isn't charging to post ads, and the only thing it charges for is bumps and premium ads, which come at $2 and $5 each. Much less than the $10 per ad Backpage used to charge.

b) The more of us that use it, the more clients will go there. We have a choice now about who to support - a SW run site? Or a client run site?

c) The more popular it gets, the more likely vulnerable workers will be able to access and use it.

d) It's very easy to use.

e) Cute af mascot!


🌈⚔️👐🍆Gay only Skokka - the irony is not lost on me that I made a post about them yesterday. But any ads you make you will have control over.
Escortify - $70/month for VIP (the .nz site is second on Google)
🌈⚔️👐🍆Scarlet Blue - $66/month $132/month premium - these guys are at the TOP for SEO, the owner is a former sex worker

🌈⚔️👐🍆Escorts and Babes - $10/week weekly, $50/month standard, $47/week elite featured, $75/week homepage, $180/month elite ad boosting, $110/month elite featured monthly

Escort Finder

Available Angels - currently have TWO MONTHS FREE, the owner is a current sex worker.

iSelect Escorts

🌈⚔️🍆Private Escort Finder - $85.86/month Premium (discounted when paying longer at once, can get first 3 months free)

🌈⚔️👐🍆Swagmates - Free posting, 4 credits/day highlight, 1 credit/bump, 10 credits/day featured. 50 free credits on sign up, credits = 1/$1 or cheaper

🌈⚔️👐🍆Open Adult Directory - $65 to list within 2 days, free to list with waiting period, $265/year highlighted listing. Mostly for adult directories to list, or agencies/brothels, but you can list privately.

Joyfinder - Pricing info unknown

🌈⚔️👐Sex Portal - Pricing info unknown

⚔️👐Blue Plums - $100/1 month, $200/3 months, $365/year

🌈Naughty Ads - $30 minimum, $99.95/month premium

🌈⚔️👐🍆Locanto - Top Ad, Gallery Ad: $39.95/week, $79.90/2 weeks, $119.85/3 weeks, $159.80/month, $319.60/2 months, $479.40/3 months
Premium ad: $14.95/week, $29.90/2 weeks, $44.85/3 weeks, $59.80/month, $119.60/2 months, $179.40/3 months

🌈⚔️👐🍆Dirty Playbook - Pricing info unknown
🌈⚔️👐🍆Adult Pages
Escorts Nearby - CURRENTLY DOWN
👐My Playmate
🌈👐🍆We R Escorts
🌈⚔️👐🍆True Local
🌈⚔️👐🍆Sex Work OZ Promotions
Escorts HQ
🌈⚔️👐Top Escort Babes
🍆separate website, see belowPrivate Girls

🌈⚔️👐🍆sort of Adult Ads Australia
🌈🍆Sex List Club Australia
🌈⚔️👐🍆Pink Pages
Escort Design - GONE DOWN
🌈🍆Local Search
🌈⚔️👐Yellow Advertising

🌈⚔️🍆Our Kink
🌈⚔️👐🍆My RhondaVu
My Provider Guide - DOWN?

Jake - sex worker run

🌈⚔️👐🍆 gay only Frontpage - currently Melbourne and Sydney only.

🌈🍆Escort Match

🌈👐Locate Pleasure

Has free posting options
Listed front page on google searches

🌈 Trans inclusive

⚔️ BDSM friendly, but not necessarily optimised for BDSM

👐 Massage provider friendly

🍆 Includes male escorts

Specifically for Male Escorts

Has free posting options
Listed front page on google searches

👐 Massage provider friendly

⚔️ BDSM friendly, but not necessarily optimised for BDSM

What the hell happened?

On April 7th 2018, the owner of Backpage was arrested by the FBI; here's the news story from CNN. Backpage is a huge resource for so many sex workers around the world, and even though there are many other platforms, since advertising is expensive, many workers only used one site - the most popular one. So overnight, people have lost their only source of income, especially BDSM, kink, R&T, and erotic massage providers, for whom Backpage was a huge platform.

This was not motivated by FOSTA/SESTA entirely, as the bill is yet to be signed by President Trump, but that bill and specifically the Cloud Act are proving to have far reaching consequences for international sex workers as well as American ones. I will make a new post dealing with this in a while, but for now, here's an interesting article on how this may affect all of us.

FOSTA has since been signed into law by Trump. Here's an article on what it is and how it affects Australian sex workers by Gala Vanting (follow her on Twitter).

What's the big deal? I don't even use Backpage.

Go to Google. Look up "escorts [your city]". Notice how the top page is Cracker or Backpage (in Australia or the US). Yeah. Most escorts/massage practitioners/BDSM providers advertise there. It's the first place clients go to look for escorts. When like 70% of the industry uses a site that has just gone down, probably permanently, they're going to panic. Their ads are just gone, and many haven't saved the text they put on there. I use it, and plenty of my friends who would fall into the "high class" niche use it - it is not class specific. Lucky you for being privileged enough to never use it though, if that's you! But lots of people have lost what is effectively their only source of income overnight. Do what you can to help!

New Zealand Alternatives

  • Kiwi Locanto - 🌈⚔️👐🍆
  • Escortify
  • NZ Pleasures - 🌈⚔️👐🍆
  • Escort Me - 🌈🍆
  • Girl 4 U - 🌈⚔️👐🍆
  • New Zealand Girls - they're a little racist (literal categories for "Asian girls" and then "non-Asian girls"...), but they look like they attract a decent amount of traffic; no free ads, starts at NZ$65/month - 🌈⚔️👐
  • Sex in NZ - this is honestly a poorly designed website, but may attract some traffic, and they have free ads - 🌈⚔️👐
  • Slixa - they have an NZ site, and pretty good SEO
  • Anything else, Kiwis?

American Alternatives

I need you guys to use your judgement on these, because we don't know if/when they will go down. Back up any websites you create, don't buy too far in advance, keep checking them to make sure they're still available. And above all: stay safe.

Canadian Alternatives

I have removed several directories from this list for being dodgy. Punter Planet it getting no more free traffic from me, especially since their owner decided to make it so that sex workers must pay to see their own reviews, unless they message him to beg for it. This is a change that's coming in soon. Not sorry to hear you must be bleeding money, Andy. Do not contact me to ask that your site be added to the list, or get some marketing peon to do it. This is a personal blog, and sex workers are literally dying because of what has happened - this is not a game, and you're not making quick bucks off us. You vultures in the comments disgust me.

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